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A Humanist / Symbolic / Commitment / ceremony in Italy

As an English Speaking marriage celebrant in Italy, I offer all of my couples a ceremony format. This includes a wide selection of ceremonies to choose from. By having these choices it ensures you individuality, and more importantly, that you feel comfortable with what is being said on the day.
Included in these ceremonies are Introductions, a long list of different Weddings Vows, Ring Exchanges, and sections for Poems, Reading, Prayers & Blessings to be included.
Beside the Traditional Wedding Ceremonies, there are Extracts from Religious, Spiritual, Hindu & Buddhist, there are Tea Ceremonies, Candle Ceremonies, Exchanging of Roses, Flower ceremonies, Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony, Jumping The Broom, Aboriginal Ritual Ceremony, Hand fasting, Lover’s Knot Ceremony, Balloon, Butterfly and Sharing of Wine ceremonies, Ring Warming & inclusions for Parents, Poems, Readings by Friends, also children from previous relationships.

We’ll have discussions about music and where it comes in the ceremony etc. and all of the little details that take your ceremony to a very personal level. These inclusions are not compulsory; they simply allow freedom of choice.
Being a non-legal binding ceremony, no paperwork is required and the wedding ceremony can take place in any location in Italy.

I am more than happy to assist you in every aspect of the day, and should you choose to have a legal binding ceremony in Italy instead, I will assist you with the legal requirements.


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