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My new clients often ask me about the ceremony style, last-minute weddings or how long the ceremony lasts. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question below, don’t worry; simply email me your questions.

What is a Symbolic Ceremony in Italy?

Some couples for practical or personal reasons may be after a wedding in Italy, without legal recognition. These types of ceremonies are called Symbolic, (AKA commitment, secular ceremonies, Blessings). The great thing about non-legal binding ceremonies is that couples can literally get married in any Italian location they like and without the need to provide any documentation, saving you a lot of time and money! There are not legally binding in where they like to say ‘I do in Italy’! I am a highly qualified English-speaking celebrant, and provide you with a rich selection of ceremony choice!

What is a Humanist Ceremony in Italy?

A humanist ceremony is also known as a ‘symbolic ceremony’ in Italy. A ‘humanist wedding in Italy’ is a meaningful, non-religious, celebration of shared commitment based entirely on the unique aspects of the relationship of the couple. Couples have the freedom to write their own promises and personalized the wedding ceremony, music and rite as much as they like or wish, together with the choice to get married in any Venue and location in Italy. A Humanist wedding in Italy, as for a symbolic ceremony, is also a non-legal occasion to celebrate the couple’s union and commitment.

Can you organize a last-minute wedding in Italy?

Last Minute requests are always welcome! It is not unusual that I receive a call from a couple that is already in Italy on Holiday asking for a last-minute ceremony or a renewal of Vows. I can easily organize a wedding ceremony in a matter of days in most locations in Italy.

Do I need to provide to bring some paperwork?

Being a non-legal binding ceremony, no paperwork is required. Paperwork is only required for legal or catholic marriage and I can also assist couples with legal marriages in Italy.

Do you work only with set venues/locations in Italy? 

No! We are independent wedding celebrants in Italy and  offer our ceremony service at any location /venue/villa in Italy.  We also offer a ‘ceremony packate’ connected to the ceremony,  with services like photography, flowers, Hair, and Make-up Artists and a Wedding Car.  Your wedding day will be stress-free and relaxed.

When do I need to arrive in Italy?

For a symbolic ceremony, there is no fixed time that you need to arrive in Italy. You can arrive as close as the day of your wedding!

How long before should I secure a wedding ceremony service in Italy?

It depends on the months and location. For example, during the Winter Weddings in Italy (November to March),  a last-minute wedding in locations like Rome can be organised, as close as a few days prior. While for a spring/summer wedding in Italy (April to October) it is advisable to book a ceremony service as soon as you have fixed your wedding day and no later than 6 weeks prior.

How long does the ceremony last? 

It depends on the type of wedding. For Elope Weddings, I suggest a short and meaningful ceremony of approx 15 minutes. For big weddings, ideally, a 30-minute ceremony is the perfect length, especially if you have a ‘summer’ outdoor ceremony. Catholic weddings last approx 45 minutes. By saying that,  1 hour is allowed for the ceremony from start to end. 

How do you structure a ceremony? 

A  wide selection of ceremony choices, rites, readings, prayers &  vows is sent to you with the welcome email.  Suggestions on how to write your own vows are also available. 

ceremony with guests

I suggest structuring the ceremony as below but these suggestions are not compulsory. While the Event coordinator and/or the wedding planner, are the experts in charge of the site logistics (i.e. setting  tables/chairs/aisles, entrance, exit, and the music) 

Music (optional):

    • guests entrance
    • groom entrance
    • bride entrance
  • Welcome
  • 1 introduction of approx. 300-350 words
  • 1 reading /prayer (optional )
  • Giving away of the bride (optional)
  • The asking
  • The vows (choose from the list provided OR write your own vows)
    • background music (optional)
  • The exchange of ring
  • A rite ( optional – to choose from the suggested rites) 
  • 1 reading/prayer (optional – to choose from the list provided)
  • Celebrant’s wishes
  • Declaration
    • music (optional)
  • The signing of a commemorative marriage certificate (optional)
    • background music (optional)
  • Exit
    • music (optional)

ceremony with NO guests

For ceremonies in Italy with  no guests, elopement in Italy,  Vows renewal, I usually suggest a shorter ceremony :

  • Music (optional):
    • bride entrance 
  • Welcome
  • 1 introduction of approx. 150
  • The asking
  • The vows (choose from the list provided OR write your own vows)
  • The exchange of ring (optional)
    • background music (optional)
  • A rite ( optional – to choose from the suggested rites) 
  • Celebrant’s wishes
  • Declaration
  • The signing of a commemorative marriage certificate (optional)
  • Exit 
    • Music (optional):

What if I have to change the start time or wedding date?

While I try to be as flexible as possible in accommodating changes, I cannot guarantee the availability for a date or time change.  If you plan to change your wedding date or time,  I can try to find a solution for you.

We are already legally married. Can you still perform a ceremony?

Yes,  No one will notice the difference between a symbolic and a civil ceremony,  unless you choose to tell them!

I don’t want my guests/family to know that the ceremony is not a legal one. will they find out?

No. Unless you inform your guests and families about it, they won’t know that your ceremony is a symbolic one.

What will you be wearing to my wedding?

This depends on the seasons and the temperatures, but the clothing is never bright colors and is always subtle and complementary to the brides and grooms.

What happens if you already a booking for my wedding day?

In the unlikely event of not been available on the day, a trusted celebrant from my team of professionals will be assigned to your ceremony. I will be your direct contact during all the planning stages and the assigned celebrant will be conducting the ceremony on the day. 

Can you help with gay, same-sex ceremonies in Italy? 

Gay and straight couples are equally, and joyfully, welcomed!

Will you come to our wedding rehearsal?

Yes, for an additional fee, provided I am available. I contract ceremony rehearsals separately from weddings because most couples don’t want (or need) an officiant at the rehearsal. At a wedding rehearsal you are simply practicing walking in and walking out, but not the ceremony itself. Also, since the celebrant is  the first person to enter at the beginning of the ceremony, it’s not possible for her/him to “cue” each group and tell them when to start walking. This is the responsibility of the coordinator at your ceremony site, or your wedding planner. On request, a few weeks prior to the ceremony, I can provide a  free guide to coordinating a wedding rehearsal, which outlines a few simple steps to follow.

If we still want you to do a rehearsal, when can we book it?

 Rehearsals are booked closer to the wedding,  based on my availability, and may be performed by a different officiant on my team if necessary. 

We would like to have a religious wedding ceremony, is that possible?

Yes, I can perform both religious and secular ceremonies. 

Do you charge separate travel fees?

Travel fees (if applicable) are based on the venue’s address and added to the quote. However, if you have selected a venue that does not offer free parking you are responsible for either validating or paying for your officiant’s parking. For weddings outside our area and/or for ceremonies after 05.00 pm, overnight accommodations may also be required.

all this sounds great! How do we move forward and booking you for our ceremony?

Just contact me to check the availability for your date. I’ll hold your wedding date for 2 weeks while you have a chance to check on my offer and make a decision. 
If you are interested in an elopement instead of a full wedding ceremony the process is slightly different. Since Elopements are typically booked on a shorter-term, dates are held for a week.  To book me, simply request out a booking form, accept the T&C, make a 50% deposit and you’re all set!

do I need wedding insurance?

Not every wedding is a bash!  if you could easily postpone it, then wedding insurance isn’t a must.  

However, if the emotional stress of rearranging would be too much, insurance will be worth a look, but remember: It does NOT cover a change of heart. By contacting your local insurance company, you should be able to find a wedding insurance cover that best suits your wedding needs. more info on  destination wedding insurance  

What if we have more questions you haven’t answered here?

Simply email me at celebrant@justgetmarried.com !  I will be happy to answer any question you may have! 

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