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A religious ceremony in Italy

If you are catholic,  you can get married in Italy knowing that a religious wedding ceremony can combine a catholic and legal marriage which is valid worldwide! 

Depending on the church and location in Italy, you may need to finalize some extra paperwork. While the parish priest will meet you a few days prior.

Catholic wedding ceremonies are legally recognized in Italy and performed in a church.

The Catholic Church, however, will not allow ceremonies outside of the church itself, unless a permit is granted.

There are some limitations. For example, you cannot marry again with a Catholic rite when divorced. To do so, you need an official church annulment granted. Also,  at least one of you must be catholic. Ceremonies last approx 45 minutes with your choice of reading, prayers, and religious music.
The local registrar’s office in Italy will issue a legal marriage certificate while the church will provide a catholic marriage certificate. Therefore, you will have a catholic marriage certificate and a civil marriage certificate for use in your country. 

For all other religions, I can organize a ceremony at your chosen venue in Italy. I will provide you with readings, prayers and ceremonial rites to accommodate any culture and religion. 


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