If you are after a legal binding wedding,
I will assist you with all legal aspects required to be married in Italy

I am also a certified Interpreter for the civil wedding ceremonies in Italy at any town hall and church in Italy, including Florence, Rome, Siena, Venice, Sorrento & Positano. I provide the marriage assistance needed for any legal aspects of your italian marriage, including Translations of the Certificate of non impediment for UK couples and obtaining the  Atto notorio in Italy for USA, Canadian & Australian couples or any couple living outside the EU (european countries), together, with interpreting assistance, at the pre-wedding promise and at the civil ceremony in Italy.

I will assist and advise you with all pre and post legal aspects including the registered marriage certificate and also arranging a special place to be married. I can also help to arrange Photographers, Florists, Hair and Make-up Artists, Hire Cars and all other aspects required to make your dream come true. Ensuring that your day is stress free and relaxed.


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Legal paperwork needed for a legal wedding in Italy

If you are born outside Italy you will need your passport together with proof of your single status. Each country has different rules on how to obtain a single status certificate and the necessary paperwork to get married in Italy. Based on your citizenship, I will forward all the information and assistance on how to obtain it.

Couples from outside Europe, also needs a document called ‘atto notorio’. The Atto Notorio is issued in your country by your local Italian Consulate. You need to apply for the Atto Notorio in person. This can be time consuming as the Italian Embassy may be not located near your town.

As a Legal register Interpreter at the Tribunal in Italy, I can assist you with obtaining the Atto Notorio at the Tribunal in Italy on your arrival, rather than at the Italian Embassy in your country. Enquire now

I will also assist you with obtaining an Apostle stamp after your wedding in Italy needed for NON-EU couples.  This stamp cannot be obtained in your country. This is necessary in making your marriage legal anywhere in the world.
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